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Why should you major in history at Concordia College?

The History major takes all of human experience as its subject matter and leads to the development of skills that are in demand in many careers: creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. As a History student, you will draw on a range of approaches to understand both change and continuity in various human societies, giving you essential tools for understanding the world today. The study of the past enriches our ability to think critically and imaginatively, trains us to communicate clearly and concisely, and enables us to empathize with people in a variety of different situations.

  • Students of History acquire a broad knowledge of human experience and develop an ability to think empathetically about diverse cultures in various times and places.
  • Training in History cultivates critical thinking and communication skills that are valuable in any setting.
  • Because of the breadth of their training, History majors are well prepared to succeed in entry exams for law school and other professional programs.
  • At Concordia, a capstone seminar in History allows you to pursue in-depth research on topics of particular interest to you.
  • History consistently ranks as one of the most popular majors in American colleges and universities: since the 1980s, nearly 20% of students earning a bachelor’s degree in the Humanities have chosen a History major.

Upcoming History Courses

Survey of American History to the Civil War Western Civilization II
Survey of American History since the Civil War Geopolitics of the Middle East
The Civil Rights Movement Latin America
The American Presidency Modern Germany
History of New York City History of Science

History Faculty

Kathryn Galchutt, Professor of History
Ph.D., Marquette University
Religion and race in modern America; History of Russia and Latin America
Adam C. Hill, Assistant Professor of History and International Studies
Ph.D. candidate, University of Connecticut
History of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East; International Politics; Postcolonial Studies
Jim Burkee, Professor of History