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From the desk of President Nunes

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“We convince by our presence,” penned the poet Walt Whitman in five words that capture my calling here. There is something magnetic about Concordia’s mission. My colleagues engage students in meaningful face-to-face interaction, not with anonymous rhetoric and abstract theories, but with real relationships and practical wisdom. Our world needs this. Again, from Whitman, “I and mine do not convince by arguments, similes, rhymes / We convince by our presence.”

It is no secret that we are living in rancorous and divided times as a nation. Ruthless ideologies threaten our humanity across the globe. At Concordia you will not find nameless students being lectured at about dubious ideas that merely contribute to the noise, fueling the notion that talk is cheap. No, here we encounter ancient truth freshly applied to humankind’s most critical questions, like:

“Why am I here?”
“Who is my neighbor?”
“What matters in life?”

Our faculty and staff support learning in an environment of nurture and accountability. That’s a presence that is priceless. Concordia’s self-description summarizes it for us: “Small School. BIG IMPACT.”

Lutherans characteristically believe in the doctrine of real presence and The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has been a real, educational presence here since 1881. Nestled on an intimate campus in the boutique village of beautiful Bronxville, our location also offers ready access to the gateway metropolis of New York City.

I invite your prayers and your presence as you consider Concordia as your collegiate destination.

Best of blessings in Jesus Christ,


The Rev. John Arthur Nunes, PhD