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Exploring Students

We embrace our students that have not yet decided on an academic concentration and career path. Within the Concordia Experience, there is recognition of the value of self-discovery and enrichment which support every student’s personal and vocational development. Concordia College provides a holistic education that encourages all students to navigate an array of intellectual, spiritual, social, and cultural opportunities. These experiences empower our graduates to build a lifelong foundation of success and service. In this supportive environment there is a place for you!

First year experience for exploring students

The first year at Concordia College for every student is called the First-Year Experience. During this time, our students are encouraged to explore and discover academic interests as well as discover their unique talents. Schedules are built with emphasis on the exploration and integration of learning through the Concordia Distinctive-Liberal Arts Core and the Integrated Learning Courses that make up the General Education Curriculum, without a rush to choose major-specific requirements. Students who have not selected a specific major upon entering Concordia College have the freedom to explore various disciplines while meeting academic requirements. The First Year Experience is designed to assist first-year and transfer students to identify an academic area or areas of study in which to major. We encourage exploration of not only potential majors, but self-discovery and participation in co-curricular activities.

Students are advised by instructors who have a passion for the variety of opportunities available at Concordia and events that help students connect to campus and to their studies. Many students are undeclared because they start college with a broad range of interests; therefore, they are encouraged to explore academic options without pressure to decide on a specific direction. Because exploring students are often academically strong, they are not discouraged from exploring disciplines beyond the introductory level. Advisors guide our students to find a major by the end of their first year.

Find your passion for a major

Mentoring and guidance of students is managed by First Year Seminar advisors through time spent in and out of class.  Additionally, professors who teach the Integrated Learning Courses help to guide our students in the discovery of their strengths and interests. The history and mission of Concordia College, featuring student role models and leaders, attest to the strength and possibilities within the Concordia Experience. Currently, first-year students are encouraged and offered numerous opportunities to become involved in the community outside the College through service learning, off-campus activities, community events, and employment. On campus, students are encouraged to join student government and one or more of the many student clubs. Our students are also invited to enrichment activities at the College, including arts and business themed events and athletic contests.

We can work with you to help identify, develop and strategize a plan for a dynamic and successful future!